Mass and Prayer Intentions

“In prayer Thou hast given us the key of all Thy Divine treasures; and we, rather than pray, choose to remain in our misery.” — Prayer: the great mean of Salvation and Perfection The Heralds, from dawn to dusk, will pray for your intentions to Jesus [...]

Youth Activities

Wwherever they are, the principal effort of the Heralds could not fail to be in benefit of young people in houses for the apostolate or youth centres especially focused toward their evangelization.  These small communities are normally responsible for the evangelizing mission within a particular city, but it sometimes extends over a larger region. This [...]

Pilgrim Statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Heralds of the Gospel bring the pilgrim Statue of  the Immaculate Heart of Mary to homes, parishes, schools, and hospitals as a way of bringing blessings to families in Canada and around the world A home visitation takes about two hours. The Heralds of the Gospel accompany the statue to the house and give [...]