The Heralds of the Gospel bring the pilgrim Statue of  the Immaculate Heart of Mary to homes, parishes, schools, and hospitals as a way of bringing blessings to families in Canada and around the world

A home visitation takes about two hours. The Heralds of the Gospel accompany the statue to the house and give a short talk about the reason for the visit and the importance of prayer. Five decades of the Rosary are then prayed followed by a consecration of the family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

After the visit, the Statue continues on its journey to other homes. This is a wonderful opportunity to invite family and friends to share in Our Lady’s visit to your home. The only thing you need to provide is a little table with a table cloth, and some flowers or a candle.

Children are welcome, indeed, encouraged to participate. The visits must be booked in advance.


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On the occasion of the pontifical approval of the Heralds of the Gospel, Saint John Paul II crowns the pilgrim statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

From time immemorial Catholics have had the custom of paying special tribute to the Mother of God by placing a crown on her head. Whether richly decorated diadem or simple circlet of flowers, these crowns are earthly symbols of the fifth glorious mystery of the rosary in which we recall the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin in heaven.

This popular devotion has a special spiritual significance: the gift of oneself. The offering of the crown represents that act of placing oneself under the guidance and protection of the Mother of God that she may rule over our hearts.

Over the centuries the Sovereign Pontiffs have personally presided over such celebrations crowning statues of Our Lady at important Marian shrines and have richly endowed such occasions with blessings and notable indulgences.