SHJ Cover EnCome to Me and do not be afraid, because I love you!

Oh, if souls only realized how I wait for them in mercy. I am the love of all loves, and it is My joy to forgive.

I am always waiting with love for the souls to come to Me! Come! Throw yourself into My Arms! Do not be afraid! I know the very depths of souls, their passions, their attraction for the world and its pleasures; I have known from all eternity how many of them will fill My Heart with bitterness, and that for a great number, both My Sufferings and My Blood will be in vain…. But having loved them, I love them still…. My Heart is not so much wounded by sin, as torn with grief that they will not take refuge with Me after it. I want to forgive. I want the world to know through My chosen ones that My Heart is overflowing with love and mercy and is waiting for sinners.

Sacred Heart of Jesus: treasure of goodness and love
Msgr. João S. Clá Dias

54 pages fully illustrated


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